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Video: Transgender Man Gives birth without aid

A transgender man has given birth in one of the least Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning friendly state in the United States of America, Georgia.

Politicians in Georgia had filed seven anti-LGBTQ+ bills between 2021 and 2022.

The man, identified as Ja’Mel Ware, and his fiancee, Alphonso Mills, are a queer couple who eagerly waited for the birth of their first child, Sea Cannon.

Ware noted that he was attacked, but the attacks only made him become more visible.

It was learnt that Ware conceived his baby without any aid.

When asked what it is like for trans residents trying to conceive, give birth and be a parent in the Peach state, he said the medical system hasn’t upgraded to be able to take care of trans people.

He noted that there needs to be a clear boundary between what a medical professional believes at home and how they treat their patients.

He stated that carrying his baby was emotional and physically challenging, while noting that having to ovulate, brought a lot of dysphoria to him.

Ware revealed that to be a pregnant trans man made him feel vulnerable in the world.

However, he said it made him more comfortable with his body.

The couple hired an affirming doula and said much of their medical care was supportive.

Atlanta, which is considered a queen haven, especially for black people, listed Ware as the baby’s mother.

While encouraging trans men considering having a family, he noted that it was possible and won’t be easy but they should not give up.



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