Saturday, December 2, 2023
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UK Government Delist Peter Obi’s Company From Registry

The government of the United Kingdom has reportedly struck out operations of Next International (UK) Limited, owned by the Labour Party Presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

A report by Premium Times said Next International (UK) Limited was struck out due to its inability to meet the deadline for the submission of its annual accounts.

Peter Obi’s company was reported to have been served the first warning of notice of eviction for four consecutive years.

According to reports, the company has been struck off the radar since September 2021, after it was confirmed in the first and second gazette notices of “compulsory” strike off of the entity.

The policy of compulsory strike-off is being sanctioned by the UK government when a company fails to meet up with its annual account submission or fails to notify Companies House about a change of official registered office address.

Further details revealed that when this sanction is imposed on a company that falters on the requirement, its profile would be deleted from the Companies House register, confirming its non-existence.

Meanwhile, before the removal of the company from public records, the UK government mandates the Companies House Registrar to issue at least two letters of warning to the affected company. This in turn will cause an action of strike out with immediate effect.

In the case of Next International, it was gathered there was no feedback for the two letters that were sent between June 22, 2021 (first), and August 31, 2021 (second), which led to the issuance of the final gazette to dissolve the company on September 7, 2021.



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