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Tonto Dikeh Thanks Nigerians Who Helped Her While Struggling With Bank App

Popular Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has thanked Nigerians who came to her rescue after she failed to gain access to her bank app while attempting to buy energy recharge.

This development is coming as Nigerians continue to struggle amid fuel scarcity and the inability to get newly redesigned naira notes.


Tonto had earlier taken to her Instagram page to express her dissatisfaction with the state of the country after she was unable to pay for her electricity unit when it finished

The mother of one in the post, also revealed she does not own an ATM card and that she had attempted to make a transaction for over 6 hours, adding that the situation had exposed her to emotional instability.

She wrote: “For the past 2 days I have been unable to open my bank app, only this evening my light unit decided to finish. I have tried opening this app for almost 6 hours and finally believe I will be sleeping in the dark today.


“I can’t buy unit, I can’t buy diesel. I absolutely can’t even get a hotel I don’t use or own an ATM… I’m on a whole new level of emotional instability. Am I alone? I’m so frustrated.”


However, after her post went viral, some of her friends, family and fans offered to bail her out and she returned online to show her appreciation for their kind gesture.

“See, it is good to be a good person. I was frustrated and merely just wanted to vent, I spoke about my light situation. In less than 1min I had over 30 offers to help me out.

“From well respectable foundations, to fan, to brand names..I can’t thank you all enough, You shall never Lack..

“As we speak I have over 400k worth of nepa from my neighbors and Mr fekomi…God bless you all. I’m literally in tears…” Tonto said.



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