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There Is No Crime In Marrying Your Daughter’s Suitor — Sharia Police

The Kano State Hisbah Board has given its consent in the union between Malama Khadija Rano and her daughter’s former suitor in the Rano Local Government Area.

The story has generated controversy since it broke into the public space, with many saying it was indecent.

Khadija married her daughter Aisha’s suitor whom Aisha rejected, prompting the Hisbah Board to set up a committee to investigate the matter.

In a statement on Tuesday, the board’s spokesman, Lawan Ibrahim, said Khadija was found to have done no wrong.

According to the statement, “chairman of the committee who doubles as Deputy Commander in charge of operations of the Board, Malam Hussain Ahmed, said the committee had found out that the marriage was legal and had fulfilled all the necessary criteria.”

Ahmed said Khadija was divorced by her husband and had observed the three months waiting period (iddah) prescribed by Islam, later married a man whom her biological daughter had earlier rejected.

The Hisbah Deputy Commander dismissed allegations that she was seeing her current husband while married and instigated her former husband to divorce her so she could marry her daughter’s suitor.

“The marriage is legal according to Islam, that was the reason Hisbah Commander in Rano Local Government Area supported and took part in the wedding rites,” he said.

The Commander General of the Board, Harun Ibn-Sina, has commended the committee for discharging its responsibilities.

Ibn-Sina said the committee members were carefully selected due to their vast knowledge on Islamic teachings and societal orientation.

He said the general public should desist from spreading false news and avoiding misconceptions on issues regarding Islam.



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