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Prominent Islamic Cleric, Sheikh Dahiru, Endorses Atiku Abubaker

A prominent Islamic cleric, Sheikh Dahiru Usman-Bauchi, has endorsed the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar, for the February 25 election.

He noted that his decision to endorse Mr Abubakar was premised on the fact that most of his followers have endorsed the former vice president.

“Oh you people of Nigeria, the election beckons us again, and my followers who are into politics have told me that they will be voting for Atiku.

“And since they have chosen him, I can’t dissociate myself from them. I’m with them. Let’s see what God will unfold for us. May God grant us good health, and may he continue to protect our country.

The highly revered cleric lamented that the current administration has not fared well in managing the country, adding that it would be wrong for anybody to continue from where they stopped.

“The Prophet, peace be upon him, said a snake doesn’t bite a believer twice from the same hole. After the first bite, you will remove your hand and put it in another hole.

“I heard some people saying we should elect someone who will build on the policies of the current administration. Since the present administration failed, so we can’t continue with them.

“When you enjoy something, you will request more, but we didn’t enjoy where we are coming from.

“So I’m therefore appealing to the Nigerians to elect someone who will change the current situation, and let’s hope that God will change our situation.

“May God grant us a leader that will be beneficial to the country, and will pity the masses and not a leader like the current president,” Mr Bauchi prayed.



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