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Nigerians In Diaspora Advises Labour Party Against Any Alliance With Other Political Parties

Nigerians living abroad have urged their compatriots at home to remain resolute to change the political system despite the fraud in the presidential and National Assembly (NASS) election on February 25.

The Nigerian Diaspora Council for Defence of Democracy (NDCDD) made the call and also advised the Labour Party (LP) not to go into an alliance with any political party, especially in Lagos, Rivers, and Delta, in the governorship vote on March 11.


“We wish to congratulate the Nigerian masses for proving through their votes that power belongs to the people; even though their efforts appear to be temporarily thwarted by the enemies of democracy,” NDCDD Secretary Tony Nwankwo said in a statement.

“We, therefore, urge them to remain firm, committed and strong spirited, for no real freedom comes without great deal of sacrifices.

“Having listened to the position adopted by Olusegun Obasanjo in respect of the last kangaroo presidential election of February 25, 2023, which was roundly condemned by the various foreign observer missions, particularly the European Union and United States of America, we are fully convinced that the Nigerian masses are on a righteous cause.”


Yakubu ought to resign, says NDCDD

“We believe that if Nigeria is a civilized country the likes of Prof Mahmood Yakubu should have honorably resigned his office. But this is Nigeria, a country where criminality and impunity against the law are celebrated as political virtues,” Nwankwo added, via reporting by Vanguard.

“However, we implore all the patriotic citizens to remain calm and alert for the next round of the revolution.

“Bearing in mind that the coming governorship and House of Assembly Elections directly affects the people, we call on all the citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, particularly supporters of Labour Party, to come out en masse on Saturday March 11, 2023 and vote for their respective Labour Party governorship candidates.

”We are particularly disturbed that a number of people, mainly from APC and PDP, have been harping on alliance or memorandum of understanding with Labour Party for the coming governorship election and wish to state unequivocally that the issue of alliance or memorandum of understanding between the Labour Party and any other political party, particularly in Lagos, Delta, Rivers States and, indeed, in all the states of the federation with official Labour Party governorship candidates, is not official from the Labour Party leadership.

“Even if the Labour Party leadership decides to do so, it will be unacceptable to the electorate and subsequently rejected at polls, because the battle is not that of the Labour Party leadership but the masses.”



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