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Nigerians Condemns Woman Extorting Money For PVC

A woman in a viral video trying to extort money from unsuspecting public before giving them their permanent voters’ cards has come under attack.

The trending video posted here shows where the woman, suspected to be an agent of a staff member of the Independent National Electoral Commission, was charging registered voters N1, 000 to collect their PVCs.

The woman was seen with a bag containing many PVCs, and making the demands, saying it was the cost of bringing the cards to their supposed ward by a certain official, suspected to be an INEC staff.

However, the people she was asking to pay resisted her.

She was heard saying in Igbo that, “If you don’t want to pay, you can go to your local government headquarters. You will pay the transport fare.”

She later carried her bag and left the scene, while cursing the people for refusing to pay. She was uttering ‘God punish you’, ‘may you become mad’.

One of those at the scene stated that, “This is a bad impression. This kind of thing cannot happen in the North. It is not good. After we blame [President] Buhari.”

Another voice said, “You can’t be collecting N1, 000 to give people their PVCs. This is very bad. You are on video, and I will market you. It is meant to be free.”

The state where it happened was not disclosed, but one of the protesters mentioned Njaba local government.

The poster wrote, “We have bn told by @inecnigeria that #PVCs are free at point of collection. Yet officials of the Commission are using it to make money & abuse citizens.”



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