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Nigerian Techpreneur Complains About Unfair Treatment Over His Bid To Buy Struggling Sheffield United

The Nigerian billionaire wants to take over Sheffield United, but he believes that the process is too rigorous for him because of his race

Nigerian billionaire Dozy Mmobuosi has complained about the unfair treatment he has gotten in his attempt to take over English Championship club Sheffield United.

Mmobuosi is one of the youngest billionaires in Nigeria. The 43-year-old technology and business entrepreneur is currently worth £7billion.

Sheffield United has been on the brink of getting new ownership for the last two years. American businessman Henry Mauriss was close to completing the deal to buy the club for around £100million, but the deal fell through.

Mmobuosi has been working on becoming the new owner of Sheffield for a while, and he seems close to sealing the deal for £90million.

However, the 43-year-old business mogul has complained about the treatment he has gotten from the British government. Mmobuosi believes he has been over-scrutinized because he is from Africa.

“Hopefully I get approved by the EFL and you (Sheffield United fans) find me a capable partner,” Mmobuosi told FIVE podcast.

“I’m a long-term, focused person. I’m not here to just take and go.

“I believe we’ll get to the Premier League and remain there. I intend to run this club not just as a business that benefits the fans and myself, but the community.”

“I am one of the most scrutinized individuals that I know.

“I run a public company, the scrutiny for me is different and I feel that. My market cap is hit because maybe wall street has refused or failed to understand our message. But we are undervalued and I feel that if I weren’t Nigerian or African, it would have been different.

“So, I think the world needs to change this attitude of naming people, shaming people, or doubting people because they come from a certain place.”


Mmobuosi is the founder of Tingo Mobile PLC, an Agri-Fintech establishment. He is not the first Nigerian to show interest in an English club. Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote has been linked with Arsenal in the past but he has not succeeded yet.



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