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Lagosians React To Train Crashing Into Govt Staff Bus

Reactions continue to trend as unspecified number of people were injured after a passenger train crushed a Lagos State Government staff bus at PWD area of the state. Sources say two passengers are already feared dead.

The incident happened around past 7am on Thursday.


The spokesperson for the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, Taofiq Adebayo, said rescue operation was ongoing.

“The accident recorded many casualties as the bus is fully loaded with govt staff going to office this morning.”

It was learned that the blue staff bus was trying to cross while the train was closed by in motion. The magnet on the train grabbed it from the PWD bus stop and dragged it to Shogunle where it stopped.


Eyewitnesses alleged that the bus driver refused to stop at the Level Crossing when asked to stop.

According to a newspaper vendor who witnessed the accident, when the keepers of Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) at that Level Crossing stopped the BRT driver from passing because of the incoming train he refused. He thought he could pass before the coming of the train.

A passenger in the affected bus, who simply described himself as Bayo, gave thanks to God for saving his life and others in the vehicle. He said he was rushing to keep an appointment in Ikeja when the accident happened.

He called on the BRT drivers and their managers to always abide by instructions from NRC on getting to railway crossings. “It was by sheer grace of God that we made it safely, today. The impact was much. I momentarily passed out when the train rammed into us. There is a lot to learn from the accident. BRT drivers and other road users need to listen to NRC keepers and obey their instructions. Thinking that they can make it fast before the train arrives, can be fatal”, he advised.



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