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Kwankaso Denies Rumour Of Working For PDP, APC

Former Kano Governor now running for President Rabiu Kwankwaso has denied yet again rumour and propaganda swirling in the North that he is working for another political party to win the Villa in February.

He restated his stand in response to questions on a live radio programme in Dutse, explaining since he and his supporters joined the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) some people have been concocting lies for political reasons.

“I heard that some people are saying Northern elders met me and asked me to step down for a Northern candidate and some are saying I am romancing with APC [All Progressives Alliance],” he said.

“Who can tell us about Arewa? Who knows Arewa better than us? These are candidates that have issues with their qualifications and health.”

Rumour mongers out to distract voters

Kwankwaso insisted the rumour is baseless and was made up by miscreants to distract Nigerians, according to reporting by Daily Post.

“God forbid I work or romance with APC, PDP [Peoples Democratic Party], I am for NNPP, there is no going back.

“This is a golden opportunity for all Nigerians if they want things to change for the better. NNPP is the answer and if they want things to continue, so be it.”


Kwankwaso won’t merge with another party nor step down for anyone

Kwakwanso had on the campaign trail in Abeokuta in early December dismissed talk of merger with another party as the propaganda of failed politicians who have nothing to offer except deception and lies to grab power.

He also denied planning to step down for anyone.

“That’s absolute nonsense. You see we believe that we are not above the three or four parties in this country, but by 2023, next year, by the grace of God, the NNPP will win the election at national and all other levels,” he said.

“So, these are people who are failed politicians who have nothing to tell Nigerians other than to spread unnecessary rumour of a merger.

“Merger is already gone. We have our candidates. In all the parties, everybody is campaigning. So, disregard that nonsense.”

Kwankwaso lost his temper when he was asked if he would step down for any candidate. “Don’t ask me that rubbish,” he snapped.

Focus on education, empowering youth and women

He pledged his administration would strengthen the armed forces with one million recruits if elected President, and grant education at all levels to citizens as well as place priority on youth and women empowerment.



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