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Fed Poly Nekede, Says Ogechi Wont Be Victimized

The Rector of Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri Dr. Michael Arimanwa has said the management will not victimise the lady who claimed she graduated from the institution with the help of God and her private part.

The student, Ogechi Okoroafor, had said on Tiktok that she graduated from the institution because of her private part and God.


Many Nigerians, in anger have demanded the withdrawal of her certificate by the Institution over the comment. Faced with a groundswell of criticisms and condemnations over her unguarded comments, Ogechi recanted, claiming slip of tongue and being misunderstood. According to her, she wanted to give credit to God and her Popsy (colloquial expression for Daddy), when she slipped.


A certain law firm even came in her defence, claiming it was rendering free services to her over the incident.

Speaking on the issue in his office on Tuesday while assessing his achievements for four years, Arimanwa assured nobody would victimise the lady under his watch.


He however said that the management will follow the rules and due process in getting to the roots of the matter.

“The lady made the unfortunate video that circulated widely across the world because the video was watched by people nearly everywhere. I have received calls and comments from people almost everywhere on Earth. So, I know that video had gone quite wide. It is an unfortunate thing.

“We have set up a committee and the committee is working, we don’t want to preempt the outcome of the committee because will interact with her tomorrow from the notice I have seen”.

Some unconfirmed had before now insinuated that a Five-hundred Naira ransom had been placed for anyone that could bring her to the school authorities.



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