Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Chatham House: Labour Party Presidential Candidate To Prioritize The Funding Of Education

The Labour Party presidential candidate has said that if elected, his government will prioritize the funding of the education sector.

Obi said this on Monday while addressing Chatham House, a UK- based think tank and independent policy institute.

The Presidential hopeful said the funding will be used to transform tertiary institutions into centres of development and idea generation.

“In line with our commitment to transform our educational sector, we will prioritize the funding of this important sector. Our tertiary institutions will be remodeled as hubs and centres of research development and commercialization of ideas for quick industrialization of Nigeria.

“The World Bank Development Index ranks Nigeria 168/173. To move Nigeria to the top bracket of the index, we will pursue a Marshall plan and program on education and incorporate compulsory technical and vocational skills, sports, entrepreneurship programming, digital skills from primary to secondary school level,” he said.

The Labour Party candidate added that his government plans to enhance human capital development of youths for productivity and global competitiveness through investment in education, research and quality health and entrepreneurial education.

“We will support local manufacturing capacities and biotechnologies and encourage and expand local R and D in Universities, training centers and workshops through which many jobs will be created,” he said.



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