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BBTitans: Blue Aiva Admits Crushing On Marvin, Blaqboi

Big Brother Titans (BBTitan) South African housemate, Blue Aiva has given a weird response to questions asked by two male housemates, Blaqboi and Marvin, saying she likes both of them.

Blue Aiva made this known last night when the duo confronted her, wanting to know the type of relationship that exists between her and another male housemate, Yemi Gregx.


It all started when one of the show hosts, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu disclosed during the Sunday live eviction that Blue Aiva and Yemi were stealing kisses in the wee hours of the day, even though Yemi was already dating Khosi.

Shortly after the eviction show, Marvin, who had declared his romantic intention towards the South African singer earlier, walked up to her, asking her to shed more light on the “side chick” allegation.


She denied being a side chick to anyone and refused to go with Marvin to Yemi to clear things up as she insisted she doesn’t like confrontation.

Not satisfied, Marvin teamed up with another of Blue Aiva’s love interests, Blaqboi and summoned her to come and explain to them why she keeps stringing all of them along.


After joining them, Marvin greets her saying “What’s up smooth operator!”

Reacting to the allegation, Blue Aiva admitted liking both of them and went on to stress that it does not mean anything.

She said: “I Like The Two Of You, So What??”

Blaqboi with shock on his face then said: “You tell me one thing, you tell him another, don’t you think that we have conversations and we know these things? What are you doing?”

Blue Aiva replied saying: “I don’t wanna hurt you guys”

Blaqboi then cuts in and said: “Do I look like I can get hurt? this is very insulting and very annoying.

“So now if Miracle starts talking to you, you will have connections with him?”

Blue Aiva answered: “Nooo, I don’t have any connection with him”

Blaqboi followed up by asking her what she feels about him and what connection she thinks they have.

Responding, Blue Aiva said: “With you, I have a deeper connection.

“I apologize to you guys, I didn’t mean to string you all along. It’s just that I didn’t know how to handle you guys coming all at once.”

Prior to this development, Blue Aiva a few days ago had told Blaqboi that she’s a smooth operator stating that she gets everything she wants easily.

She also told him that she does not chase men, instead, men chase her.

Meanwhile, Marvin and Blaqboi had taken time to ponder over their relationship with Blue Aiva and concluded she was playing a game.



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