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APC Policies Are Killing Nigerians In Installment — Labor Leader

Andrew Emelieze, former Trade Union Congress (TUC) Oyo Chairman now Convener of All Workers Convergence (AWC), says Muhammadu Buhari is degrading Nigeria with his policies and killing Nigerians in instalments.

He warned it is obvious protest is inevitable because the seven years of Buhari in the saddle have suffocated Nigerians.


Things are getting worse per day with people regretting voting him to power, he said, citing the current fuel and naira scarcity as proof of how Buhari systematically and gradually strangulates Nigerians.

“Our people have been choking under Buhari. Everybody is fed up, frustrated and totally disappointed in Buhari, such that the feelings of our people [are] that this government is cursed that it cannot do anything good,” Emelieze said in a statement.

“The major fear now is, can a government that has failed in all ramifications conduct successful general elections?

“It is the general view of Nigerians that Buhari has disappointed the masses. The country has been moving from one confusion to another, as if Buhari is an author of confusion.

“Our people are dying in cold blood for lack of national security. Many more are dying of poverty and in some cases suicide has been a way to escape the torture in Nigeria.

“Mental and the general health of Nigerians are badly affected and most of the deaths in Nigeria are as a result of social pressure. Lots more of our people are abandoned on the streets homeless and destitute, dying unnoticed by the Nigerian state, and their death unrecorded.”

Challenge to NLC, TUC

Emelieze challenged the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and TUC to rise up and query the Buhari administration, to end the gradual killing of Nigerians, per The Guardian.

“Nigerians are left with no other option but mass protest until the government stops the mass sufferings of the Nigerian people.

“Nigerians, rise up now and protest against naira and fuel scarcity as well as the prevailing high cost of living. Say no to fuel price hike. Say no to electricity tariff hike. Say no to the high cost of living. Say no to killings everywhere.

“We are all feeling the pain, do not wait for anyone to mobilise you; organise from wherever you are. From Monday, January 30, 2023, let us swoop on the streets and refuse to be intimidated.

“This protest is a moral responsibility of everyone to rescue Nigeria. The AWC supports all calls by Nigerians and the civil society movement to begin nationwide protest immediately everywhere in Nigeria.”



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