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APC Fires Back At Bishop Kukah Over Christmas Message

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has chided the Bishop of Sokoto Catholic Diocese,
Mathew Hassan Kukah, over his remarks on President Muhamadu Buhari’s led government

In his Sunday message, the cleric criticized President Buhari over his failure to fulfill his 2015 electoral promises to Nigerians, saying that he will be leaving Nigerians more vulnerable than he met them eight years ago.

Reacting to the message, the Director of Publicity for the APC, Bala Ibrahim, described
Kukah’s remarks as ungodly and not objective.

The APC stalwart said Kukah was not being fair to President Buhari, saying that the cleric
should rather appreciate the President for the way and manner he handles the country.

He said Kukah was wrong to have insinuated that Buhari has used public office or his
position to access better healthcare abroad, adding that the cleric should always consult with his conscience before criticizing the President.

Further speaking, Ibrahim stated that the government has not been bearing the cost of new hospital he visits. It is the same facility and doctors he uses for years in London long
before he became the military head of state.

“Buhari has not taken advantage of Nigerian healthcare to the betterment of his own health. Kukah himself knows that very well because we have discussed it in the past.

“Also, when he said there were a number of students or children still in the forest, I don’t
know if he’s talking about the Chibok girls or the ones that were taken recently. If you look at the ones taken under the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, look at the speed and efforts made to recover them within a short period of time. I think we must give kudos to the president.

“In the time when Chibok girls were taken, the government even refused to admit they were taken.

That was how the lexicon ‘There is God’ came into our dictionary. They did not even
admit that such a thing happened let alone acted to set them free. But this government came and within a short period sprang into action and some of these children were released even if it was piecemeal.  At least, we are still getting them.

“All the passengers on the Kaduna-Abuja train who were abducted had been freed without
casualties. If you look at the speed and the rate of bombardment by the Air Force, you will
agree with me that they are hitting these people hard so much that many of them are
surrendering and giving up.

“You will not say this government is not doing well at securing and getting people freed from captivity. Gone are the days when Boko Haram attacked in a ruthless manner that they used to do, you don’t get to see that anymore because they have been decimated and no longer have the capacity for any spectacular attack anymore.
“So when a man of God speaks in an ungodly manner, I tend to feel uncomfortable. As I said earlier, he is not a man I will want to join issues with. I still respect him as a senior brother and hold him in high esteem. But I will want him every time he talks to do so in consultation with his conscience.”



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