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American Rapper, Soulja Boy Threatens To Kill Wizkid

American rapper, DeAndre Cortez Way, aka Soulja Boy, has issued a death threat to Nigerian singer, Ayo Balogun, also known as Wizkid.

The singer was announced as the headliner of the Rolling Loud concert in Germany, where Soulja Boy is also booked to perform.

Wizkid’s fans took to Soulja’s Twitter handle to taunt him over the development, which resulted in threats from the rapper.


The rapper said he would beat up Wizkid after a fan @Wizownfrogboy tweeted, “@souljaboy wiz own you lil bra”

In a series of now-deleted tweets, Soulja rained insults on Wizkid, then said he would slap the singer whenever they met, and ultimately, he vowed to kill him.

“Wizkid is pussy. This flyer is cap keep playing and we gon find y’all and beat y’all ass bitch, ass niggaz, fuck y’all.

“Umma slap you when I see you @wizkidayo.

“It’s stamped. I’m done tweeting. We gone kill that nigga. Ummah slap you when I see you @wizkidayo.

Soulja Boy also asked Rolling Loud to remove Wizkid from the Germany concert.

The duo have been beefing each other for a while now. In 2010, Wizkid made a tweet about Soulja Boy’s second album, ‘ISouljaBoyTellem’. The singer had called Soulja Boy wack.

“I swear, Soulja Boy is wack! Jeeezzzzz!”

The American rapper waited till last year to send his response to the singer.

“Ya mama wack. Shout up, bitch ass”, he tweeted back.

Nigerian activist, Rinu Oduala, took to Wizkid’s side. She made a tweet which was directed at Soulja Boy.

“If he says you wack, you wack.”

Responding again, the rapper tweeted, “Suck my dick from the back.”



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