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Again, El-Rufai Accuses Buhari Of Favoring PDP With CBN New Naira Policy

Governor Nasir El Rufai of Kaduna State has claimed that the Naira redesign policy if the Central Bank of Nigeria was made to favour the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP


The governor spoke in an interview with the Hausa Service of the Voice Of America (VOA).

He said: “Those that came up with the policy to stop us from having cash during elections have succeeded, since up till now there is no cash on ground, it has been hidden.

“But we got the news that PDP candidates are given new currencies and they will all bring them out on election day to give to the people.

“I’m calling on the people to know that those who give you cash are those that hijacked the cash which was supposed to be given to you, and so I advise that you take action on that.”

Governor El Rufai had recently ordered residents of the state to continue using the old naira notes due to scarcity of the new ones despite the deadline given by the CBN.


He also spoke in a viral video clip when he was interviewed that, “Anyone that says governors are not bothered about what’s going on in the country, only this one (currency redesign), truly they didn’t do us well, and God will fight for us.

“Even this issue of currency redesign, how many times did we sit with the president to talk? While sitting with the CBN governor when we realised the case was getting nowhere, we concluded that the best thing is to take the matter to court, and that’s all people know.”

The governor explained that one of the reasons they took the case to court is because some people with special interests were behind the currency redesign.

He particularly said that when All Progressives Congress went to court, a candidate of People’s Democratic Party came out in court to say they are in support of the government making people pass through hardship, and so the deadline for the currency should not be extended.

“So, for any right thinking person, he or she will reason that this is a policy invented not by the APC or the government, but by a few persons of interest who molded their wicked idea and sold it to the president.”



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